The Best Christmas Movie Dessert Pairings

Beginning on the day after Thanksgiving, I refuse to watching anything other than Christmas movies, and I refuse to listen to anything other than Christmas music. There's only about a month until the holiday, so I try to pack in as much holiday spirit as I possibly can.


And with so many good Christmas movies, you're going to need some really good Christmas movie snacks. There's nothing wrong with popcorn and M&M's, but you can do better.

Much better.

Below are desserts and snacks that somehow fall into theme with the movie paired. These are just simple suggestions...I'm not saying you can't make all of them in one night and only watch I might have done...



This recipe might look awfully familiar if you've been here with me since the beginning. It's my Pecan Brown Butter Bars, but with the simple addition of bourbon in the eggs and vanilla mixture, and by adding two tablespoons of maple syrup in place of two tablespoons of brown sugar, you can really Elf this dessert up. After all, the man drinks straight up syrup, and absolutely demolishes a bottle of some brown liquid while in the mailroom – this treat is perfect for him!

Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


How could I not pair red velvet something with Rudolph?! These red velvet cookies come from Food Network, and would be absolutely delicious sandwiched with a thick cream cheese buttercream, or drizzled with a thinner cream cheese glaze.

It's a Wonderful Life


I feel like classic vintage movies call for classy vintage desserts. These eggnog madeleines are probably even more familiar than the pecan bars, and pair perfectly with a hot cup of coffee (or eggnog!)

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

So here's the deal with this cookie. I tried to make these cookies, but my incredibly tiny NYC apartment, with TWO radiators (totally unnecessary in a 550 sq. ft. space) made my kitchen so boiling, the dough literally melted even in the refrigerator. So instead, here are a picture of raspberry pinwheels, recipe courtesy of my momma. But make BA's instead, they're quick and perfectly kooky, just like Christmas Vacation.

White Christmas


I'm not sure why this movie made me think of peppermint bark, but it just seemed like a perfect fit. It's incredibly easy to make: Melt chocolate – I use a mixture of bittersweet and dark chocolate – over a double broiler, spill in some peppermint extract, pour on a tinfoil-lined baking sheet. While the chocolate sets, melt some white chocolate in the same fashion, pour some more peppermint, and pour on top of the not-quite-set chocolate, top with candy canes, and chill for a couple of hours. Go through this same process with the fruit bark, exchanging the peppermint for Fiori di Sicilia, and top with a mixture of dried fruit, nuts, and sea salt.

Frosty the Snowman


I truly apologize, but I can't give you the recipe for these particular cookies in the picture. They are my all-time favorite cookie recipe, and I really feel like some things need to be kept secret. Instead, make this gem from Food52.

A Christmas Story


On for 24 hours, you're going to need more than a snack for this movie! This cinnamon bun-dt cakes are perfect for Christmas breakfast, sitting in your pajamas watching A Christmas Story on repeat. They're filled with a delicious cinnamon streusel and covered in a thick glaze, making them reminiscent of a cinnamon bun. I followed this recipe, except I added 2 teaspoons of kosher salt to the streusel and 1/2 tablespoon of salt and cinnamon to the cake batter.

Miracle on 34th Street


I always thought this movie was so high class. Maybe it's the Uptown apartment the Walker's live in, or the fact that Macy's looked so fancy. These cupcakes are a classic, just like this movie, and you'll feel super boujie eating them. I use my favorite chocolate cake recipe with a standard buttercream with two tablespoons of bourbon added in place of some of the milk. Buy or make your own bourbon-soaked cherries for the inside!

The Polar Express


These cookies are light and fun, just like this movie. And they're perfect for dipping in hot chocolate – they'll melt in your drink and in your mouth. Hot chocolate is obviously the only drink to be had when watching this movie, do I need to cue the song?

The Peanuts Christmas Movie


How could this movie not be paired with some kind of peanutty goodness? It's in the name! Peanut brittle is arguably the easiest snack to make – it's literally two cups of both peanuts and sugar and two tablespoons of water and salt.

My name is Alexandra Jade, but you can call me Alex, or Trin.  I am a Food Studies major at New York University, and a freelance photographer, journalist, and social media pro on the side.  I run the instagram account @twobrunchgirls.